System’s architecture

Statlook bases on a three-level architecture. It consists of uplook Agents, Master Console and uplook Server.

uplook Agents:

The software was written in C# language with the usage of framework.NET. It is the smallest part of the system – yet it remains as important as the remaining elements.

Agents are installed on client stations and gathers data concerning users’ activity and the condition of equipment. The agent is a working body – each operation (including software audit or equipment scanning) ordered from the level of Master console are performed by it. The gathered results are later sent to uplook server. The agent also provides the administrator with data about computers usage, used applications and visited websites.

Master Console:

Master Console is a management application. It serves as means of managing agents (remote installation, scanning etc.). It graphically presents data gathered and processed by uplook server. From this level, you can generate reports concerning the staff, inventory, software audit and many more. Master Console also enables you to edit and add data. The implemented tools allow you to perform a vast range of tasks automatically, e.g. inventory and personnel synchronization with Active Directory, generate an agent’s MSI  installation package – which later can be used as means of distributing software via GPO – or schedule software and hardware scans. Also, Master Console is a tool to solve IT incidents through Helpdesk and create remote desktop connections. 

uplook Server:

The server is responsible for processing the data sent by Agents and for saving them in the database. It also touches upon the data visible in Master Console – the sever is a connector between almost every operation between the Master Console and the system’s agents. The database does not have to be installed on the same computer as the server – you may choose other localization. The sever is compatible with such database engines as Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

Below, a simplified scheme of the system’s architecture is presented:

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