‘Problem running the post-install step’ during PostgreSQL installation

If during installing PostgreSQL there appears such notification: “Problem running the post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly.” it means that the database engine has run into certain problems and it is highly probable that it has not been installed. 


  1. Delete current PostgreSQL installation [appwiz.cpl]
  2. Open management console [mmc]
  3. From File menu choose Add/Remove Snap-in… 
  4. Next, choose Local users and groups from the list, click Add > button and confirm the choice for the local computer by clicking OK
  5. Choose Users catalogue from the tree at the left sife. Next, left-click the field at the right side and choose New user option 
  6. Name the user as ‘postgres’ and fill in Password field. Confirm the password. Choose User cannot change password and Password never expires fields and proceed to creating a user. 
  7. Find postgres on users list, double-click it to display edition options and enter Member of tab. Click Add…  button, choose Advanced… options  in the users list, double-click on it to call it up for editing and go to the Group Member tab. Click Add…, select the advanced option and in the next window Find Now. From the list of displayed local groups, select Administrators and save your changes.
  8. Move the installation package directly to C: disc and launch the command:
    runas /user:postgres cmd.exe

    You will be asked for a password to the postgres user, write it down and in the displayed command window find the main catalogue

    cd /

    Now, launch postgreSQL installation package.

  9. The installation should proceed without any trouble. The PostgreSQL service will be registered in the system.
  10. Remember abouy deleting postgres user from Administrators group and add him to Power Users group, as in point 7. 

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