PostgreSQL optimization

Optimizing the performance of the database is the first step to enhance the work of uplook Server – and, consequently, to carry out every operation more efficiently.


  1. Stop uplook Server services 
  2. Stop PostgreSQL Server Services 
  3. Create a copy of postgresql.conf file
  4. Edit the original  postgresql.conf file (e.g. in Notepad) by changing the parameters below:
shared_buffers = 25 % of accessible RAM (MB)
effective_cache_size = 50 % of accessible RAM (MB)
wal_buffers = 16MB


  1. Start PosgreSQL Server and uplook Server services. 



postgresql.conf file may be found in different localizations dependently on the version of OS:

  • Windows 32bit, PostgreSQL x86: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\<X>\data\
  • Windows 64bit, PostgreSQL x64: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\<X>\data\
  • Windows 64bit, PostgreSQL x86: C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\<X>\data\

Please delete #-digit as it works similarly to a comment digit in the programmer code.

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