Stopping statlook services


  1. To stop any of these services* :
    • uplook agent
    • uplook system monitor
    • uplook server
  2. Login to an account with administrative privileges.
  3. Run:
    • Start >>> Run >>> services.msc
    • Control panel >>> Administrative tools  >>> Services 
  4. Find and select service that you want to stop and then use right mouse button and Stop.usługi uplook

Second method:

Stop uplook services by the Command Line:

  1. At the Start menu  select the Run…
  2. Type cmd and accept.
  3. In the command line use:
    • net stop „uplook agent”

      (To stop uplook agent)

    • net stop “usmsrv”

      (To stop uplook system monitor)

    • net stop “uplook server”

      (To stop uplook server)


*) Service is an application that works in background. Runs at system driver layer and is strictly connected to other services. Service startup does not require windows user login.


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