List of protocols and ports used by statlook system

List of ports and protocols used by certain parts of statlook system

  • Agent
    C:\Program Files (x86)\A plus C Systems\uplook\Agent\Uplook.Agent.Service.exe

    uses HTTP/HTTPs protocol and by default, it connects with uplook server through port 21200 (Basic communication, transferring data from monitoring and scan results). Communication the other way round is not possible.

  • Master-Server connection uses NET TCP protocol and by default it is a connection made on port 21300. In case that SSL certificate is used, uplook Master uses HTTPS protocol on the same port as agent does (by default: 21200)
  • Connection from Direct PC level (Desktop view) is expectional  –  Master Console connects directly with the agent; uplook server is omitted. This connection is coded basing on keys generated by server and agent, directed later to Master Console. Master-Agent connection is always maintained through 22100 port. It is not a port set to connect Server and Agent and this matter cannot be changed.
  • Default port to connect with PostgreSQL server:  5432
  • Direct PC Proxy – A fucntion allowing you to connect with other computers outside your network through Direct PC (e.g. a laptop in an employee’s house). To maintain the connection, 22200 port is used.
  • Statlook Web – an internet platform of statlook system. By default it works on 80 port (for HTTP protocol) or 443 (for HTTPS protocol)

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