Retriving a copy of a database from a file .


  1. Copy *.udb file containing a copy of the database to a computer which will have implemented a database engine later on.
  2. Install a database engine.
  3. Next, install uplook server on the same computer with uplook server, a new tool to create copies will be installed. Later on, you will use it to retrieve the previously made backup.
  4. Next, reopen a backup creator, mark ‘Restore the uplook database‘ option and click Next > .
  5. Choose the copied *.udb file and press Next > wybierz plik
  6. Set a default database – it should be MSSQL – and insert data necessary to connect with the database engine. 
  7. In the next displayed window we have a possibility of stopping the server’s work during the course of copying (no necessity, though)
  8. Press Next > and wait for copying to be finished
  9. After the copying is finished, click ‘Set as active…’  and fill in the fields concerning uplook server and the database engine.

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