Error 1714 – cannot install uplook Agent

The older version of uplook <x> Agent cannot be deleted (Error 1714)

The process of installing an uplook Agent cannot be completed and a notice as above is displayed. Sometimes other notifications may appear, such as:

  • „Error 1612’Installation source for this product is not available’ during installation/uninstallation.”
  • The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. , Click ok to try again, or enter an alternative path to a folder containing the installation package setup ‘agent.msi\update.msi” in the box below.”


Error 1714 is a code of Install Shield error. It shows that the process of installation could not be completed successfully. As the notification is displayed, its reason is always unknown. The problem may appear as a result of lack of access to installation package which is in accordance with GPO.

Each installation package compatible with Windows Installer during installation saves an access to last installator directory in a register, and to be more exact – in a SoruceList* key. It facilitates the usage of such a package in the future, e.g. during launching Repair function or deinstalling the application. This is a standard behaviour of .msi installation package, also including uplook agent.

After installing an agent, in the key register:


there are created two notifications:

  • LastUsedSource
  • PackageName



Incorrect Register editor usage may cause serious problems which would result in a need to reinstall your system. We cannot guarantee that solving problems caused by inappropriate usage of Register editor will be possible. Use Register Editor on your own responsibility.

The procedures presented below enable you to delete a registry entry that contains data concerning the last location of the Agent’s installation package (LastUsedSource). Perform this operation on every computer that appeared to have a problem with installing uplook agent. These operations demand especial care – perform them with caution. 

1. Open Registry Editor  (Regedit.exe).

2. Find the key below:


3. Within the key, search for


phrase: uplook

4. Open Registry menu and export the registry key


which contains parameter ProductName= uplook<X> agent, (<X> meaning the number of agent’s version) to create a backup. Store the reg file in a safe location in case it would appear necessary to import it in the future. 

5. Delete the whole key: 


który zawiera parametr ProductName= uplook<X> agent, gdzie <X> to numer wersji agenta (np. uplook6 agent):

6. Close Registry Editor

7. Install uplook Agent once again



*) “SourceList property is a semicolon-delimited list of network or URL source paths to the application’s installation package. This list is appended to the end of each user’s existing source list for the application. The installer locates a source by enumerating the list of source paths and uses the first accessible location it finds. Only this source can be used for the remainder of the installation. Each path specified in the source list must therefore be to a location having a complete source for the application. The entire directory tree at each source location must be the same and must include all of the required source files, including any cabinets. Each location must have an .msi file with the same file name and product code.”

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