UWP update – Statlook Web

Statlook Web is a new tool considered to be a successor of UWP, designed and written from a scratch. In case you have been using UWP until now, it is necessary to perform several actions in order for Statlook Web to work flawlessly.


  1. By using ‘Add or remove programs“[appwiz.cpl], uninstall the old version of UWP.
    deinstalacja uwp
  2. Proceed to the location in which you want to install the web platform.
  3. Delete the remaining elements from the previous installation. Caution – do not delete the whole catalogue, just its content will do.
    usuwanie plików uplook web platform
    This operation may demand administrative rights!
  4. Provided the catalogue is empty you may proceed to Statlook Web installation. Remember – install it in place of the old platform so you can omit additional configuration of IIS server (the previous configuration settings will work fine with the new platform).
  5. After first upload of the website you will be asked for directing a new Uplook server and its port. Remember – the port should correlate with the settings within Uplook Server Configuration (default 21100).

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