How to perform a license compliance audit?

Software audit checks out if software installed on a company’s computers is 100% legal. In the background, uplook Agent checks out what kind of software was installed and will send all the data to the  server. Next, the server compares installed components with licenses within the system.


  1. Open Master console and go to Audit tab
  2. Next to drop-down list press to create a new audit.nowy audyt legalności oprogramowania
  3. In the displayed creator name the audit, e.g. Software Audit April 2k18
  4. Press Order button and choose computers which should undergo the procedure. After choosing a number of computers they will appear in the main window of the computer. Proceed further. 
  5. You can use templates definied within the option or choose now which file extensions or localizations should be analyzed during the audit. 
  6. Next, a summary window will be displayed. It contains information about ordered scan – chosen agents will receive information about new task. After receiving all the data from workstations you can proceed with audit clearance.

Read more about software license compliance 

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