Creating offline scanner


Offline scanner was designed to audit computers without network active connection or not having an Agent installed. To use the offline scanner, you need to prepare usb disc to copy scanner files and save scan result. The choice is yours – you may use a USB stick or a network drive shared with all the audited computers.


  1. In Master console main menu choose Audit->Create scan utility… 
  2. A disc scanner creator window will be displayed.
  3. Click Next > button
  4. On your screen there will be displayed a dialog which will let you prepare files to audit. In Destination folder field you need to enter the path to the storage location. You may also press the button in order to display a typical dialog which will let you choose a folder. During copying the files on a drive, you need to name it, e.g. E:\.
  5. Press Next > button
  6. The other window lets you to choose default scanner settings
  7. After finishing configuring the scanner, click Next > button.
  8. A window confirming a successful creation of an offline scanner will be displayed
  9. Press Finish button
  10. Scan your files


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