Upload monitoring, IT Resource History, GDPR Management – New Features


Statlook 13.1. introduces a number of new interesting features and expands
the usage of the existing ones. Refreshing the interface of Statlook Web resulted
in transferring the system statistics to separate tabs.
Now, each module has its own clear dashboard.
The GDPR management module available only via static web
has been modified to meet our Customers’ needs.
The main modifications concern employee rights which now can be assigned
not only to data sets but also directly to processing activities.
Let’s talk about browsers – the network filter module has been upgraded and equipped with a new function
that allows monitoring not only downloaded files but also the files
uploaded via web browsers. New reports are available both in the master console and Statlook Web.
Using them you learn who, when and using what page shared the data.
Another novelty that our customers have been waiting for is creating the reporting profiles.
It’s a feature that allows you to select fields that will be displayed
but the employees in your organization create a new help to helpdesk ticket.
All you have to do is to select the items and assign a new profile to the employees.
It’s a simple and quick way to facilitate the incident reporting process.
This is not the only change regarding helpdesk. There are lots of them.
For example from now on you can change
the blueprints of the emails sent to the ticket owners and specify the conditions
triggering email delivery all the mentioned features and much more are
already available instead of 13.1. A full list of changes is to be found in our
knowledge base you will find the link in the description of the film

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