Monitoring module


Some users might be put off from choosing stat look due to
misconceptions about what type of data is collected by the system
Well in order to show that stat look is a professional tool for IT and business
We’re going to introduce you to the agents operation method and set of information that it collects
So let’s start with what an agent really is
It’s a small client program installed on the computer. That is to be monitored
Now you may perform the installation from the master console either manually or by using group policy objects,
otherwise known as GPO
The program may display an information board with messages during the startup for example saying that the computer is being monitored
the agent is equipped with a set of five modules each of which is responsible for one area of functionality
so that you may decide the scope of the agents activity
The computer module collects information about the hardware on which the agent has been installed
So the module collects all the data
Hard-coded into the hardware by the producers from the processor clock speed number of available and free memory slots
to the computer’s serial number
the operating module also ensures that the data is updated and
Differences are reported for example replacement of equipment
The software and audit module is responsible for monitoring the applications installed
You will obtain information about applications installed on a given computer
A list of software for each computer and receive information about newly installed or modified programs
you may use the data to monitor the legality of the software installed and
check license compliance
Datalook is a module
tasked with monitoring the activity of mobile data warehouses
when activated it will check which media are connected to a computer
Which data are copied between removable devices and the host and if necessary, you can block these devices
Direct PC is a plug-in that allows an agent to accept remote connections to help solve problems
reported via a help desk or when you need
immediate remote assistance from a particular user. direct PC is our own solution and does not require
any additional third-party software in order to operate
Finally there is monitoring which could be perceived as challenging
well it allows you to create an employee profile automatically based on the user who’s locked into the system
Additionally, if the functionality is enabled, it will monitor the use of applications and session activity in real time
Will now tell you more about the data collected by this agent
The summary is the first available report generated which is based on the data collected
This is a set of selected statistics presented collectively for an employee or a group of selected employees.
It’s a general report and provides general information
Subsequent reports provide more detailed data.
Bizlook is another feature for those who want to check our asserted the user worked throughout the day
the special layout of columns and bar graphs
enable a general evaluation of the users activity
as split into individual hours
The computer work report then provides a lot of statistical information
It gives basic information about the start and end of the working day
As well as the usage of applications and any work breaks taken
Additionally in the number of mouse clicks and keyboard buttons pressed is summarized
and allows us to correlate the information with the user’s activity
so the ability to interpret data correctly
as contained in this report is very important
Of course session time is normally qualified as the time elapsed from the first operation such as logging into the system
to the final action that is logging out of the operating system
But of course if users do not shut down their computers at the end of the day
then the first operation of the following day might be for example recorded as a mouse click
In the column headed application activity or we can see how much time our user
effectively used the application that was enabled
if a user takes a break of between 2 and 5 minutes
then the application counts that as a period of inactivity
However if the user takes a much longer break
of at least five minutes
then any such interruption is recorded as a session break
So the next report that’s generated is a detailed breakdown of breaks taken during the day
On the basis of data collected by the agent, we may check which applications an employee used for the longest period of time
The method of counting such activities is the same as in the case of the user activity report
except that there is an additional value
which is center stage this is the period of time in which the application was switched on and the system was engaged
How much of this time did the actual work take? You may determine this from the activity time column.
now for example, you may see that the application used for the longest period was Google Chrome,
followed by MS Outlook
This shows us how the report works even though Chrome was active for 12 hours
in fact the employee used it for less than two hours.
Window headers and web pages visited are the most frequently generated reports
So the first window headers gives information about the title of a given window and the length of time that it remained open
So the report of webpages visited
informs us not only about the pages viewed by the user but also
about the number of times that a particular web address or files downloaded and shared using browsers.
At any time, we can open a link with just one click of the mouse and check what the user was browsing.
Furthermore we can block websites, which should not be visited on any office computer
The system also provides the option of blocking applications.
All we have to do is go back to the report of the applications used,
select the blockade option from the context menu and the agent
will prevent the users from turning on the particular program
These are not all the reports available in the system
What we’ve presented here are mainly some of the functions demonstrating
that employee monitoring is by no means illicit, which might be of concern to some.

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