Changes for statlook 12.1.0


Aktualizacja: 11.04.2018

New features 12.1.0



  • New ‘Windows Security Center’ report, presenting data concerning antiviruses and anti-malware programs as well as firewalls



  • Download monitoring – including different kind of Internet browsers
  • Vivaldi browser monitoring



  • New printouts: adding, modyfing and cancelling an authorization
  • Delegating tasks via helpdesk for users responsible for dataset management


Modifcations 12.1.0


Statlook Web

  • Modyfing forms and reports’ style
  • Compressing files (gzip) via WWW server



  • Archiving datasets
  • Datasets – a new attribute” ‘Estimated time of deleting certain data categories’
  • Adding datasets – ‘Means of protection’ and ‘Description of persons’ category’ in the form
  • Processing activities – new columns including the date of creating and updating an activity in the inventory view
  • Limited list of administrators solving an issue for ”Security breach” notification
  • By clicking the header of a widget you are redirected to an assigned report
  • Downloading data for widgets (for last 30 days) no more limited
  • Adjusted sorting of data in tabular reports (numerical columns)
  • After establishing “To do” status, “Other datasets” are deleted



  • Filters for incident list and calendar reports are saved in a database
  • Added – a button enabling you to resetting implemented filters in an incident report – according to your choice
  • Added – changing status, type, mode and priority for a group of incidents
  • Incident editor – link to an incident in statlook Web
  • Optimizing data download for incident list report
  • E-mail notification about deletion of an incident now includes the information about a person who deleted it
  • Optimizing data download for incident editor
  • New, integrated modes (Messages, Chat, In person) to incidents
  • New, integrated incident priorities
  • Incident editor – adjusted sorting of types and of persons solving the issue
  • Incident editor – change of using the option of expanding comments related to an incident
  • Adjusted translation of resource attributes description and helpdesk in EN version
  • New incident type – ‘Security’
  • Creating own priorities for incidents
  • Incident editor – optimizing data download for non-administrative accounts
  • Notification about last received comment and the registry of comments within “Adding a comment to a notification’ form


Computers and Resources 

  • Saving generated hardware protocols as attachments to resources
  • Deleted: ‘Technical condition’, ‘External damage’ and ‘Remarks’ attributes in equipment disposal protocol
  • Adjusted translation of attributes and resource description as well as helpdesk for EN version
  • Group change of VAT and currency rate



  • Blocking incognito mode for Chrome browser


Software & Licenses 

  • UBR (Update Build Revision) ID for OS’s now available to read
  • Optimized data download for license editor
  • ‘License statuses’ widget now hidden in case License module is inactivated



  • Configuring the location of a sidebar


Server & Agent

  • Addressing statlook through other names and IP of a computers’ server
  • Compressing (gzimp) in WWW server
  • Independent configuration of connection (SSL) for statlook Web
  • Launching a server configurator in ‘instance mode’
  • Translating the value of dictionary attributes EN/PL
  • UBR (Update Build Revision) ID for OS’s now available to read
  • Modified: a tool to uplook Server configuration
  • Optimizing the process of installing UNF extention for Internet Explorer

Adjustments 12.1.0


  • Solved: an error which lead to aborting the software scan – ‘A maximal size of the file path was exceeded”
  • Solved: an error which lead to no registering the extention of Mozilla Firefox



  • Solved: – the number of attachments assigned to a license and software Downgrade type in “General” report always equaled 0



  • Blocked – possibility of solving a request for access/entrustment without particular datasets included



  • Solved – Refreshing ‘Installed programs’ report did not refresh the list of scan results for a given PC



  • Solved: The English calendar in a Polish version was displayed in incident editor
  • Solved: an error which could cause lack of update concerning a person who modified an incident most recently
  • Solved: an error which caused an incorrect display of notification statuses legend for a calendar view.


  • Solved: an error which caused deletion of resource attributes



  • Solved: an error that caused an incorrect display of data for selected verses in tabular reports
  • Solved: License module was available, when the user had no license for Software

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