Changes for statlook 12.2.0

Newest update

Update: 19.06.2018

New features 12.2.0


  • ‘Processing activities’ registry


  • Defined, automatically – generated periodical reports


  • ‘Windows Update – Update status’ widget


  • Incident record change report


  • Windows update report

Modifications 12.2.0

  • Devexpress control update – ver. 17.2
  • Introducing additional attributes text localization in history report


  • Assigning a database to Activity/Process
  • Creating copies of inventory/database/activities records
  • New attributes: ‘Processing activities (Software), ‘Legal basis’ ‘Data source’ ‘ Transfer to other country or international organization’
  • Automatic delegated tasks deletion – after changing the status from ‘To do’ to the lower one (‘not solved’ )


Statlook Web

  • Optimized display of global search results
  • Department management


  • Assigning pieces of inventory to many sets
  • Copying resources now includes their additional attributes
  • Automatic database maintenance – preserving the most recently made scan
  • New integrated inventory type: ‘Process’
  • Change of editors’ size



  • Automatic database maintenance – preserving the most recently made scan
  • Change of editors’ size
  • New means of determining computer statuses – if an agent is online, so is the computer



  • Incident editor – all comments always displayed
  • Excluding a direct link to the incident in e-mail messages
  • ‘Quick action’ report in the context menu
  • Users who are not involved into resolving the issue blocked
  • Users assigned to an incident are highlighted in the user choice window
  • Incident comment display – if none included, the description of the incident is displayed
  • Automatic timetracking added to incident list in the context menu



  • Integrating a new licence type: ‘Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)’
  • Automatic database maintenance – preserving the most recently made scan
  • Offline scanner creator modification
  • Change of editors’ size
  • New attributes: ‘Processing activities (Software), ‘Legal basis’ ‘Data source’ ‘ Transfer to other country or international organization’ (report concerning data security)



  • Additional means of securing agent-server connection
  • Additional means of securing agents’ services – unauthorized agent deactivation
  • Integrating USM component with agent –  ‘uplook system monitor’ service deleted



  • An employee choice control is extended by the user’s icon to view if he is online
  • Saving the data from ‘future’ monitoring blocked – incorrect system date on an agent’s computer
  • Adding logins to system accounts blocked
  • Change of statuses, companies, departments, localizations, supervisors, positions and descriptions for a group of employees
  • User record change history – password changes included (also considering administrators)
  • Change of editors’ size
  • Visited websites report – adjusted excel file export (‘Time’ column-related data)


Adjustments 12.2.0

  • Solved – there was no translation of attributes’ names in object history


  • Solved – after confirming a request, the list of entrustments is not updated



  • Solved – IntegrityError: duplicate key value violates unique constraint PK_hlpIssueLastOpenTime’.
  • Solved – No data concerning assigned notifications on incident list report



  • Solved – no option of choosing a ‘Receiver’ employee in inventory protocol creator
  • Solved – No option of group change of agents’ components in ‘Agents management’ report
  • Solved – ‘Timed out waiting for database connection’ error appearing during automatic database maintenance for Windows events log
  • Solved – the module of computer status testing did not update equipment network parameter statuses.
  • Solved – an error which caused displaying an alert concerning unassigning a license from a piece of inventory
  • Solved: ‘Cannot insert a duplicated value in SID column of ‘invltem’ chart’



  • Solved – an issue which prevented an administrator from assigning to a user other piece of inventory than a computer (when ‘Display all resources in computer view’ was turned off)
  • Solved – an incorrect display of employee monitoring results: ‘Hexadecimal value 0x19, is an invalid character.’


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