Changes for statlook 12.3.0


Update: xx.09.2018

New features 12.3.0


  • Incident comments – Inclusion of attachments to the comments 
  • Incident comments – Add the ability to create comment templates 
  • Incident comments – Add private mode for comment section
  • Incident comments – Draft version of the comment 
  • Incident comments – HTML format for the content of the comment 
  • Possibility of determining the validity of incidents
  • New incident statuses: Opened, Archived 
  • Cyclical reports – incident list report has been added 


  • Cyclical reports – ‘Session history’ report has been added 
  • Cyclical reports – ‘Removable storage devices’ and ‘File operations on removable storage devices’ have been added
  • Cyclical reports – ‘Authorized agents information’ report 

Changes 12.3.0


  • Incident list report – Information about time of response and resolving an incident included 
  • Changing a person who solves a notification by choosing him/her from incident list report has been added 
  • Incident list report – icons representing a worker’s status has been added 
  • Launching a connection with DirectPC from the context menu of incident list report has been added. 
  • Only a person who solves notifications in each department may change the access to ‘Public’. 
  • Changing accessibility for already solved incidents has been added
  • Extension of filters for incident list report 
  • Information concerning the scope of data from which the chart is generated in ‘Incident type stats’ widget included 
  • Possibility of determining incident localization has been added 
  • ‘Security’ notification status changed to ‘Delegated tasks (GDPR)’ 
  • Automated assigning a resource to a notification based on the inputted DNS name has been added
  • Edition of an incident that has already reached its deadline has been enabled. 
  • Setting the date of notification for new incidents has been unlocked 
  • Attachments – graphic files – are now opened in a new tab after clicking The description of the incident editor card state (Opened/Hidden) has been added
  • Information about the number of comments assigned to a notification attached to incident list editor has been added 
  • „Refresh” button and the one that schedules refreshing of the incident list has been added. 
  • The possibility of archiving incidents has been added
  • A person who sent a notification may set access to the notification to his/her department
  • Possibility of deleting incidents for users who are not assigned as a person solving the incident has been blocked 
  • Introducing a protection against a possibility of launching Direct PC with a computer which does not meet the conditions to perform such a connection (e.g. the agent is unauthorized or demands updating).
  • Incident parameter value for group change of notification is set by default
  • Incident list report – A tooltip with basic data about a user has been added 
  • Incident editor – Subject field localization on incident form has been changed 
  • Incident filtering based on status: ‘Awaiting for the response from the Notifier’, ‘Awaiting for the response of the Resolver’ has been added

Computers/ Inventory

  • Equipment protocol – if a set is chosen, the protocol also includes its elements 
  • The possibility of assigning an agent to an existing computer found via MAC address – even if the computer is assigned to another agent – has been turned on 
  • A computer’s serial number is read automatically. In case of Dell brand, ServiceTag is also filled in automatically. 
  • The translation of agents’ statuses in Computers report has been adjusted -> General 
  • Activating ServiceTag for equipment type: Monitor
  • A computer set or a monitor created automatically has default visibility settings: equipment tree and inventory list 
  • A choice of a person responsible for printing barcodes has been added 
  • ‘Resolver’ filter included in incident list report presents only those users who resolve a notification or are assigned to the already-read incidents 


  • Expanding the functionality of personnel creator by activating the accounts that have different statuses; also, turning an account on/off basing on its status in AD
  • UNF extensions for Edge browser is active in incognito mode 
  • ‘Visited websites’ report –formatting the sum of the time spent on the websites 
  • External hard disc monitoring has been added 
  • Internet monitoring – Chromium and Vivaldi browsers have been added 
  • UNF extensions are now active in Windows HOME 


  • Department management form has been optimized. 
  • User code of authorization to operate on inventory items has been modified – from now on, each user who is assigned to an item is authorized to display its properties 
  • Cyclical reports – choosing columns which will be included in the report 
  • Update of devexpress controls to v. 18.1.5 
  • Selection tree of elements – a view of items created by a user has been included 
  • Selection tree of elements – filtering has been added 
  • ‘Recently logged in’ widget – the information about the time of logging in has been added 
  • The possibility of changing the width of the selection tree of elements has been added 


  • OriginalProductKey for Windows is now read by uplook Agents 
  • During remote deinstallation of software, additional command is included: ‘QuietUninstallString’ 
  • The content of error notification that concerns the duplication of the inventory number of the license record 

Statlook Web

  • ‘Add’ button is always visible (regardless of verse selection). 
  • By clicking ‘Add’ button from the level of a report opens a full form, not the quick-add mode 


Adjustments 12.3.0

Inventory/ Computers

  • An error which caused the tree to refresh incorrectly while the filtering option was turned on
  • Solved: An error which caused the changes implemented through „Department Management” not to be saved in inventory and user history 
  • Solved: An error which caused an error in the operation of a simple filter for the following items: localization, graphics card, screen resolution 
  • Solved: An error that caused data in ‘Installed programs’ to cease refreshing after changing the computer selection in the tree 
  • Solved: An error which caused an inappropriate display of filters’ position in inventory choice form.  
  • Solved: ‘The given key was not present in the dictionary’ error, which could appear while an archived item was being deleted 
  • Solved: ‘This BackgroundWorker is currently busy and cannot run multiple tasks concurrently’ error which could appear during changing a resource type in inventory editor 
  • Solved: ‘The online tester did not always start automatically after starting uplook Server 
  • Solved: an error which caused a duplication of an item’s UID as a copy of the item was being created
  • Solved: An archived employee was marked in the resource editor as a user to whom he or she does not have the following privileges 
  • Solved: An attempt to open the resource editor ends with an error if the user of the Master has no rights to the licenses associated with the resource. 


  • Solved: The cause of ‘Inventory number’ is already in use” error (Licenses). [Master]
  • Solved: An error which caused an inappropriate display of filters’ position in inventory choice form.
  • Solved: An error which may have caused a license to be automatically created repeatedly 
  • Solved: Opening of a resource editor caused an error, if Master Console user had no authorization to licenses assigned to it


  • Solved: an error that might have caused overwriting of the date of a notification’s last update while the incident was not edited 
  • Solved: ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ error which may have occurred with an active policy of forcing comments on changes in notifications 
  • Solved: The date of last incident modification was not saved after a comment was added 


  • Solved: An error which caused the changes implemented through „Department Management” not to be saved in inventory and user history 
  • Solved: An error which caused the filter ‘Show workers without logins’ to work inappropriately 

Server & Master

  • Solved: An error which could cause a 1-hour delay in sending cyclical reports. 
  • Solved: ‘NullReferenceException’ error which could appear during search process in view management form. 



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