Changelog for 10.4.0


Release date: 15-06-2016


New features 10.4.0

  • Completely new DirectPC (2.0) plugin.[Agent, Master, Server]
  • Full screen feature in Remote Desktop module (DirectPC 2.0).[Agent, Master, Server]
  • Monitor selection in Remote Desktop module (DirectPC 2.0).[Agent, Master, Server]
  • You can connect with multiple computers in the same time (DirectPC 2.0).[Agent, Master, Server]
  • Windows services management in Processes module (DirectPC 2.0).[Agent, Master, Server]
  • Remote Desktop module supports clipboard (DirectPC 2.0).[Agent, Master, Server]
  • Automatic generation of employee’s history (Employees).[Master, Server]
  • You can view statlook results limited to selected hours (Employees).[Master, Server]
  • The attachments report (Computers).[Master, Server]
  • The attachments report (Employees).[Master, Server]
  • New notification about binding the virtual machine with its host (Computers).[Master, Server]
  • Detection algorithm of Parallels Virtual Platform virtual machine (Computers).[Server]

Modifications 10.4.0

  • The look of context menus in the whole program has been unified.[Master]
  • The last modification date has been added to the employee data (Employees).[Server, Master]
  • The server tasks windows has been updated.[Master]
  • The Manual Database Maintenance – The selection of monitoring sessions has been optimized (Employees).[Server, Master]
  • The creation of private software pattern from public has been permitted (Software).[Master]
  • The operating system pattern takes into account the pattern type (Software).[Master]
  • The optimization of software identification. On database upgrade, only new and modified patterns are taken into account (Software).[Master]
  • The inventory search feature has been improved (Inventory).[Server]
  • Agents management – The computer icon is compatible with the type of inventory (notebook, virtual machine, server, etc.) (Computers).[Master]
  • The automatically created monitor is visible in equipment view by default (Computers).[Server]
  • The unused database tables have been removed. Those tables stored the data of Network – an outdated plugin wich has already been removed.[Server]
  • Devexpress update (15.2.9).[Master, Server, Agent]


  • Fixed the bug of duplication of computer product keys (Software).[Agent, Server]
  • Removed the discrepancy in monitoring data (Employees).[Agent, Server]
  • Fixed the problem with selection of recently performed scans (Software). “[Server]
  • Equipment details – fixed the problem with data refresh after equipment selection (Computers).[Master]
  • Fixed: Checking the box control in software audit reports (for empty database) caused: ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ (Audit).[Master]
  • Fixed: ‘Duplicate key value violates unique constraint IX_sdaSuiteStamp’ (Software).[Server]
  • Fixed: The agent was not detached from computer after uninstallation (Computers).[Master]
  • Fixed: The copy of computer with agent is bound to the same agent (Inventory).[Master]
  • Fixed: Cannot print nor export the summary report (Employees).[Master]
  • Fixed: The supervisor without privileges to Computers module cannot add nor edit the inventory (Inventory).[Master]
  • Fixed the problem with reading by agents the configuration of blocked websites (Employees).[Server]
  • Fixed: The copy of inventory doesn’t inherit the source’s unique data (network data, inventory number, bar code etc.) (Inventory).[Master]
  • Fixed the date/time sorting in employees reports (Employees).[Master]
  • Fixed: ‘Server Tasks’ widget displays outdated information about performed tasks.[Server,Master]
  • Fixed: ‘An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host’, which occurred on server tasks preview.[Server,Master]


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