Changelog 17.2.0


Statlook® update released on 04.08.2023



  • Added reading of local Windows user accounts (Computers, Users) [Agent, Master, Server, StatlookWeb].

  • Added: ‘My Day’ timeline view (Users) [StatlookWeb].

  • Blocking of devices using the MTP/PTP protocol (Datalook) [Master, Server, Agent].



  • Modification of the algorithm for reading serial numbers of external media (Datalook) [Agent, Master, Server].

  • Added: An option to define CD/DVD disks that users will have access to (Datalook) [Master].

  • Added: An option to forcibly log out users before system shutdown/restart (Powerlook) [Master, Server, Agent].

  • Added: Access restriction for users (Helpdesk, Rodo) [Server].

  • Permissions – Added the right for users to access activity information (Users) [Master, Server, StatlookWeb].

  • Added: Monitoring for the Brave browser (Weblook) [Agent].

  • Added: Monitor descriptions (DirectPC) [Master].

  • Added: The option to create a copy of a KB article (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Added: Filtering of relationship types in reports related to user Inventory (Users, Inventory) [Master, Server].

  • Optimized the generation of the ticket list report (Helpdesk) [Master].

  • Improved formatting of data exported to Excel files (All) [StatlookWeb].

  • Added: Reports: Hardware scans, Software scans (Computers, Software) [StatlookWeb].

  • Summary row in reports is always visible (All) [StatlookWeb].

  • Added: The ability to copy a link to a comment (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Added: Predefined increment buttons for work time (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Modified: UI for the list of ticket comments (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Modified: UI for the attachments module. Added a ‘Suggested’ group and filtering by extension (Attachments) [StatlookWeb].

  • Added: Sorting options for widgets in tickets (Date of submission, Update date, Creation date) (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Added: Filtering by users for ‘Most Used Applications’ and ‘Most Visited Websites’ widgets (Users) [StatlookWeb].

  • Added: The ‘Account Name’ column in the ‘Windows Accounts’ report: Assigned and Unassigned (Users) [StatlookWeb].

  • Interactive widgets redirecting to the corresponding filtered report (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Added: The ability to manually determine the order of tickets in the Kanban view (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Optimized: Data retrieval for the ticket card (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb, Server].

  • Changed: The manifest version from V2 to V3 for the SNF extension for the Chrome browser (Webook) [Agent].

  • Updated: The SNF extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser (Weblook) [Agent].



  • Fixed: ‘23505: duplicate key value – IX_corUserPosition’ (Users) [Server, StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Locations are not copied when creating a copy of a computer/inventory (Computers, Inventory) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Incorrect positioning of the “badges” icon for system module tabs (All) [Master].

  • Fixed: Iventory editing card – No adjustment to the content height of the ‘Graphics card’ field (Computers, Inventory) [Master].

  • Fixed: ‘id contain invalid location ids’ when trying to delete a location (All) [Server].

  • Fixed: Improved the formatting of data in the operation log export files (All) [Master].

  • Fixed: Memory card reader is always visible, regardless of the type of memory card inserted (Datalook) [Agent].

  • Fixed: Despite having the right to manage companies, lack of permissions for users not belonging to the Administrators group (All) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘length’) (Users) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Ability to execute scripts for ticket description, comments, last comment (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Lack of description storage for the ticket mode (Helpdesk) [Master, Server, StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: ‘Insertion or modification on table “usmMicamActivity” violates foreign key constraint “FK_usmMicamActivity_usmProcessInfo”‘ (Users) [Server].

  • Fixed: Method not found: ‘Void NLog.Logger.Error’ (All) [Agent, Master, Server].

  • Fixed: Malfunctioning filters in the form of selecting Inventory to assign (Inventory) [Master].

  • Fixed: Ability to run a JavaScript script saved in an attachment file in the browser (All) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Lack of data in the ‘Account Status’ column in the ‘User List’ report (Users) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Ability to edit the content of the ‘Country’ additional attribute list (All) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: ‘Cannot insert the value NULL into column RunAsName, table artTaskOrder; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.’ (Scriptlook, Computers) [Server].

  • Fixed: ’08P01: insufficient data left in the message’ when trying to uninstall using the MSI software uninstallation wizard (Scriptlook) [Statlook, Agent, Master].

  • Fixed: ClientSecret can be deleted during mail server configuration editing (All) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Inability to selectively copy MAC or IP address in the network data card of a inventory (Computers, Inventory) [Master].

  • Fixed: Dark mode is turned off when changing the language (All) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Incorrect formatting of ticket description/comments after pasting text containing line breaks (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Improper scaling of public views on mobile devices (Whistleblower) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Lack of content preview in the editing window after creating the first few comment templates (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: SetIssueRelations – ‘Reference to an object not set to an instance of an object.’ (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Lack of data in the ‘User’ column in the ‘Windows System Logs’ report (Computers) [StatlookWeb].

  • Fixed: Label printing after changing the orientation to landscape and fitting to page, which cut the QR code (Computers, Inventory) [Master].

  • Fixed: Inability to unlock Kingston encrypted drives (Datalook) [Agent].

  • Fixed: In some cases, incorrect counting of web time activity (Users). [Server]

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