Changelog 16.0.4


Statlook® update released on 22.12.2021


  • Metadata removal for attachments (Whistleblower). [Server]
  • Widget: ‘Latest report changes’ (Whistleblower). [Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Widget: ‘Last viewed reports’ (Whistleblower). [Server, StatlookWeb]



  • Added: Filtering by change type in history reports (All). [Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Option to define what data is included in the whistleblower report printout (Whistleblower). [Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Modified: Whistleblower report printout template (Whistleblower). [Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Information on the maximum number of attachments that can be assigned to whistleblower report and a comment (Whistleblower). [Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Option to hide the button for deleting personal data (Whistleblower). [StatlookWeb]
  • Modified: ‘Whistleblower report categories’ widget user interface (Whistleblower). [StatlookWeb]
  • The Hardware and Software categories are no longer automatically added (Helpdesk). [Server]
  • Added: Option to define applications that are excluded from microphone / camera monitoring. Exclusion of system applications (Users). [Agent, Server]
  • Server Discovery and DirectPC Proxy services are disabled, by default (All). [Server]
  • Removed: Batch script from Statlook Master updating routine (All). [Master]
  • Added: Missing translations (Whistleblower). [Server, StatlookWeb]



  • Fixed: ‘General rights contain unknown elements.’ (Users). [Server]
  • Fixed: Drag & drop for attachments does not work (All). [Master]
  • Fixed: The number of whistleblower report ID may exceed the range (Whistleblower). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: ‘[0x80131509] The XML document contains an error (1, 8001). -> ‘(All). [Server]
  • Fixed: Truncation of the inventory name in the edit form (Inventory). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: No handling of actions (eg mailto) after adding more e-mail addresses or telephone numbers (Whistleblower). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Incorrect sort order by status in whistleblower report list (Whistleblower). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Missing ‘Whistleblower personal data’ column in whistleblower report list (Whistleblower). [Server]
  • Fixed: In the report printing options, some columns are duplicated (Whistleblower). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Missing add/remove whistleblower report buttons for assigned (Whistleblower). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Link to manual in an outdated version (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: License form: Language selection control does not respond to PL / US / DE button (Licenses). [Master]
  • Fixed: No data on the report printout for the selected columns (Whistleblower). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Displaying warning: ‘This field is required’ for a closed or rejected whistleblower report (Whistleblower). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: ‘Cannot deserialize the current JSON object (e.g. {“name”: “value”}) into type System.Int32 []… ’(Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]

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