Changelog 16.0.0


Statlook® update released on 10.12.2021


  • Added: New module: Whistleblower. [Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Added: WYSIWYG report builder (All). [Master, Server]
  • Added: User roles (All). [Master, Server]



  • Automation rule for issues– Added: Comment reaction (Automation, Helpdesk). [Server, Master]
  • Added: ‘Run mode’ option for starting processes (DirectPC). [Master]
  • Added: Support for barcode type (Inventory). [Master, Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Category management – Added: number of issues for each category (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • The ‘Online/offline users’ and ‘Last logged in’ widgets are not available if there is no monitoring license (Users). [StatlookWeb]
  • The warning of the consequences of archiving inventory has been restored (Computers, Inventory) [Master]
  • Information about the Agent status has been replaced with information about assigned agent to a computer (Computers). [Master, Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Absence function is disabled, by default (Users). [Server]
  • Created general report view is selected, by default (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Information about activation of the assigned privilege in the user history (Helpdesk). [Server]
  • A comment box is selected if the comment is opened via a link (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb)
  • Optimization of reading the session state after receiving a shutdown signal (DirectPC). [Agent]
  • Department management – Added: preview of related items (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Configuration of e-mail accounts (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Devexpress’s control resource libraries signature (All). [Agent, Master, Server]



  • Fixed: ‘Couldn’t write or update microphone/webcam activity’ (Users). [Server, Agent]
  • Fixed: ‘Cannot insert duplicate key row in object corUserPosition with unique index IX_corUserPosition’ (Users). [Server]
  • Fixed: Barcode preview is not always visible (Inventory). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Barcode validation does not work correctly for some types of barcodes (Inventory). [Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Unable to download or print the generated barcode labels (Inventory). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Despite the information about the copied barcode, it is not copied (Inventory). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Unable to change the time aggregation unit in the calendar control (All). [Master]
  • Fixed: ‘Object reference not set an instance of an object’ when try to delete an assigned (Helpdesk). [Server]
  • Fixed: Country selection control does not respond to PL / US / DE button (All). [Master]
  • Fixed: Incorrect selection of items in the Company and department list (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Invalid number of active accesses if no access start date is specified (Gdpr). [Server]
  • Fixed: ‘Save and close’ and ‘Save’ buttons are disabled after assigning inventory to a license (Licenses). [StatlookWeb]

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