Changelog 15.2.4


Statlook® update released on 19.11.2021


  • Added: New built-in warranty types (Inventory). [Server]


  • Added: ‘Age in years’ column (Inventory). [Server, Master, StatlookWeb]
  • Optimization of reading inventory related to licenses (Licenses, Inventory). [Master]
  • Import from a text file – Inventory type is not required (Inventory). [Master]
  • Import from a text file – Automatic creation of missing inventory warranty types (Inventory). [Master]
  • Added: Confirmation prompt when trying to delete a location that contains sub-items (Settings). [StatlookWeb]
  • Modified: Colors for dark mode in hardware protocols (Inventory). [Master]


  • Fixed: Statlook.Master.Plugin.Users.Reports.PrintJob.PrintJobControl: The given key was not present in the dictionary (Users). [Master]
  • Fixed: Import from a text file – Unable to import warranty types (Inventory). [Master]
  • Fixed: Duplication of computers imported from Active Directory (Computers). [Server]
  • Fixed: The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “FK_invItemChange_corServiceAccount” (All). [Server]
  • Fixed: Changing the purchase date of inventory does not work (Inventory). [Master]
  • Fixed: Invalid identifier of the standard issue mode (Helpdesk). [Master]
  • Fixed: Time range selection popup is under the calendar (Helpdesk). [Master]
  • Fixed: There are no companies without the employer role in the computers and users tree view (All). [Master]
  • Fixed: Row height limitation in the ‘General’ report (Users). [Master]
  • Fixed: Invalid value in ‘Solution to’ in the issue report (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Wrong message about the absence of the substitute (Users). [Master, StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Missing company information in the inventory list report (Inventory). [Master, Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Modifying administrative privileges resets the user’s password and login (Settings). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Incorrect value for the number of related attachments in the issue report (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: If inventory has wrong barcode, associated elements cannot be assigned. (Inventory). [Master]

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