Changelog 14.2.12


Statlook® update released on 16.03.2021



  • Added: information on loading data in edit forms (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: option to copy the issue link in ‘Recently Viewed’ (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Modification: Search function of related issues (Helpdesk). [Server]
  • Removed: Company filter in KB view (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Relation type in related users panel (Inventory). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: link to issues in report printout (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Increasing the number of items in the filter from 5 to 10 (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Notification panel with option to check the connection to the server (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Login credentials are not deleted after incorrect authentication (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • The lock state of controls has been changed for resolved issue (Helpdesk). [Master]
  • Optimization of data search for tips (Helpdesk). [Master, Server]
  • Disable SSL certificate binding to the endpoint, whether the host name is explicitly specified (All). [Server]
  • Updated: Code signing certificate (All). [Master, Server, Agent]



  • Fixed: Department in the user edit form is not set (Users). [Master]
  • Fixed: Automatic change of the inventory department (Inventory). [Server]
  • Fixed: Import inventory form text file (Inventory). [Master]
  • Fixed: Incorrect barcode labels generated (Inventory). [Master]
  • Fixed: ‘Unable to find SP_RENAME stored procedure’ (All). [Server]
  • Fixed: Bugs in users panel in the issue form (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Missing emails in subscribers tooltips (Heldpesk). [Server]
  • Fixed: Changing the inventory type causes 2x reloading of the companies list (Inventory). [Master]
  • Fixed: Department name truncated in tooltip with employee information (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Switching report view not activate the grid search (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Adding images to the description / comment (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Displaying the loading panel on the issue form (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Bugs in users panel in the inventory form (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: The ‘Solution date’ field is not refreshed (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Incorrect redirection to the selected inventory in the associated inventory form (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: A new tag / subscriber cannot be entered if its text is contained in the search text (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: ‘IssueGeneralPage. <SerchForRelatedTopics>: Unable to access the deleted object.’ (Helpdesk). [Master]
  • Fixed: ‘System.InvalidOperationException: Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be invoked in the control until a window handle is created’ (Helpdesk). [Master]
  • Fixed: Hints for resolved issues do not work (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Incorrect formatting of the quote block and the code block in the issue / comment description (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Bugs in related inventory panel in the issue form (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Adding the same comment several times after clicking ‘Add’ button (Helpdesk) [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Assigned users are missing in the issue report filter (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: The Software module is not available if there are no software scan results (Software). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Cannot add a new license from the inventory form. (Licenses). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: ‘Adding the specified number to the semaphore would cause its maximum counter value to be exceeded.’ (All) [Server]
  • Fixed: Cannot remove users from the inventory form (Inventory).
  • Fixed: Reporters and assigned users in filters are not updated (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: ‘ScanManagementForm: Index was outside the bounds of the array” (Computers, Software). [Master]

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