Changelog 14.1.0


Statlook® update released on 25.08.2020


  • Added: Attachments module
  • Added: Kanban view (Helpdesk). [Master]
  • Added: New image transmission protocol (DirectPC2.0). [Master, Agent]
  • Added: Dashboard view (Automation). [StatlookWeb]



  • The maximum number of connections (pooling) is based on the number of agents (All). [Server]
  • Added: Login form options: language, password recovery (All). [Master, Server]
  • Added: IPv6 support in Direct PC Proxy (DirectPC2.0). [Agent]
  • Added: Business impact support (All). [Master, Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Generation of thumbnails of the contents of text files (Attachments, All). [Server]
  • The main user and the responsible person are included in the user information printout (Users, Inventory)
  • Added: Inventory number validations (Inventory). [Master, Server]
  • Added: Attachment history (All). [Master, Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Added: IP address selection if the computer has multiple IP addresses (DirectPC2.0). [Master, Server]
  • Added: Automatic creation of a user (main user, responsible person) when importing inventories from a CSV file (Inventory, Users). [Master, Server]
  • Performance: Loading data for ‘General’ report (Computers). [Master]
  • Removed option to enable independent redirection of HTTP -> HTTPS. [StatlookWeb, Server]
  • Changed: UI for the time range selection in the ‘Application monitoring’ report (Computers). [Master]
  • Improved: Loading widget data (Computers). [Master, Server]
  • Modification: UI subscribers’ control (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: linking for navigation (breadcrumb). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: IMAP support for e-mail accounts (All). [Master, Server]
  • Changed: UI of the settings view (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Option to disable data collection for non-interactive processes and sessions (Users). [Agent, Server, Master]
  • Widgets – Improved legend display for pie charts (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Ability to personalize inventory statuses (Inventory). [Master, Server, StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Search capability in the system settings form (All). [Master]
  • Added: Information on user inventory relations (Inventory, User). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: function to change the SLA agreement for group of issue (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Modification: UI comment form in the session breaks report (User). [StatlookWeb]
  • Changed: grid style (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Changed: html text editor. Added the ability to create and edit tables (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Information about SSL / TLS protocol version for an encrypted connection (All). [Master]
  • Added: Edit form can be maximized (All). [Master]
  • Added: Support for user rules (Automaion, Users). [StatlookWeb]
  • Modification: UI for quick add (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Added: Ability to printing and exporting items for dictionary values ​​(All). [Master]
  • Added: Ability to search in department and location selection controls (All). [Master]
  • Added: Ability to creating own types of guarantees for assets (Inventory). [Master, Server, StatookWeb]
  • The state of expanded grouping in the issue report is restored when the report is refreshed (Helpdesk). [Master]
  • The default, minimum application idle time is 4 minutes (Users). [Server]
  • Added: User monitoring saving settings (Users). [Master, Server]
  • Changed: Report selection UI (All). [Master]



  • Fixed: Unable to archive the data set / processing activity (GDPR). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: ‘Error while ordering issue sla times recalculation after transaction finish in issues history postupdate’ (Helpdesk). [Server]
  • Fixed: It is not possible to disable the selected module for administrative accounts (All). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: ‘Invalid Handle (0x00000006)’ (DirectPC2.0). [Agent]
  • Fixed: ‘Serialized data is too long’ (DirectPC2.0). [Master, Agent]
  • Fixed: Missing hyperlink in the ServiceTag column for dell devices (Inventory). [Master]
  • Fixed: ‘The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime. Parameter name: value’ (Helpdesk). [Master]
  • Fixed: The selected guarantee could be deleted on save (Inventory). [Master]
  • Fixed: Incorrect display of data in the time controls for the time tracking function (Helpdesk). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: ‘LoadAgentRulesData(Int64 rulesHash), Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ (All). [Server]
  • Fixed: Incorrect data filtering for the scan scheduling option (Audit). [StatlookWeb]
  • Fixed: Unable to set the scan template as the default template (Software). [Master]
  • Fixed: ‘None of the discovered or specified addresses match the socket address family.’ (DirectPC2.0). [Master]
  • Fixed: Duplicate items in selection controls, e.g. model (Inventory). [Master]
  • Fixed: Password change recovery not working. [StatlookWeb]

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