Changelog 13.2.0


Upgrade: 30.09.2019


News 13.2.0


  • Added: Knowledge base module. (Helpdesk).
  • Added: User information card (Master).
  • Added: Positive time, neutral time, negative time added to ‘Bizlook’ report (Personnel).
  • Added: Statlook introduction configuration tool.
  • Added: Tree structure for the issue category (Helpdesk).
  • Added: Assigned person for the category (Helpdesk).
  • Periodic report – Added: archived inventory report (Inventory).
  • Periodic report – Added: installed software report (Software).


 Modifications 13.2.0


  • Added columns: ‘Inactivity time’, ‘WWW time’ to the ‘Used applications’ report (Personnel).
  • General report – Added column with the number of inventory items associated with the user (Personnel).
  • Automatic license creation – modification of product key comparison method (from now ‘*’ is recognized as any character) (Software).
  • Added: views (columns) in the inventory list report (Inventory)
  • Added: aliases for email account addresses (All).
  • Added: function to add link (@ – user, # – KB entry) (Helpdesk).
  • Added: function to make copy of an existing task (Scriptlook).
  • Added: button to create PDA record. (Gdpr)
  • Added: function to download all attachments in a single zip file (All).
  • The employee has access to the ‘Users’ module (Reports: Summary, General, Absences) without the MyLook function activated. (Personnel)
  • The default priority for new issue is ‘Normal’ (Helpdesk).
  • Added: the option to assign an application or a www site to the category from the report (Personnel).
  • Added: configuration to specify the maximum time for a single break for a user (Personnel).
  • Added: information about the change of the web interface, in the inventory history (Inventory).
  • Added: functionality for “pinned” issues (Helpdesk).
  • Added: additional attributes (All).
  • Quick inventory adding function – The created inventory is by default assigned to the logged in user department (Inventory).
  • Added: ‘Used applications’ report (Personnel).
  • Added: information about the category, in the ‘Used applications’, ‘Visited WWW’ and ‘Window headers’ reports (Personnel).
  • Added: Include information about the modification of the account login in the history (Personnel).
  • Limiting number of items in the widgets charts (All).
  • Added: initial categorization of applications and websites (Personnel).
  • Hiding additional tabs when creating a new object (All).
  • Added: Change history reports (Inventory, Personnel, Licenses, Helpdesk).
  • Added: commands (e.g. ping) from the context menu of the computer tree (Computers).
  • Selecting the option ‘Management of views’ from the tree context menu causes selection of the element in the management form (All).
  • Added: configuration to specify whether the datalook module should be enabled for new computers (Datalook).
  • Added: option to edit the user login and password for the statlook account (Personnel).
  • Password Policy – Added account lock option after a specified number of failed logins (All).
  • Hardware protocols – Added option to include related sets (Inventory).
  • Change of UI for the functionality of adding related issues (Helpdesk).
  • Added: the ‘Add to comment’ button for comment templates (Helpdesk).
  • Software pattern editor – Added preview of identified software (software).
  • Automatic license creation includes the removal of outdated relations with inventory elements (Licenses).
  • Added: Configuration of the automatic detection of computer serial numbers (Computer).
  • Added: Option to specify the end dates of support services (Licenses).


  Resolved issues 13.2.0


  • Fixed: problem in mapping columns of imported user data from a CSV file (Personnel).
  • Fixed: No monitoring data after the agent installation (Employees).
  • Fixed: ‘No method found:’ Void NLog.Logger.Error (System.Exception, System.String) ‘(All).
  • Fixed: UNF extension not to be installed in Firefox 68.x (Weblook).
  • Fixed: Incorrect working time after stopped automatic time tracking (Helpdesk).
  • Fixed: ‘Value collection is null or empty’ in the ‘Recently installed (commercial) programs’ (Software) widget.
  • Fixed: ‘Cannot refer to the same record. The column “IdParent” in table ucdGroup refers to the Id column ’(Computers, Employees).
  • Fixed: ‘Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSI’ when importing users from MS Outlook (Employees).
  • Fixed: ‘Incorrect SQL Server version. Uplook requires server version 9.0.0 or higher. Your server version is 0.0. ’(All).
  • Fixed: Incorrect size of scanned file types in the ‘All Files’ report (Software).
  • Fixed: ‘23502: the PlainComment column contains empty values’ (Helpdesk).
  • Fixed: Can’t delete the emails from the mailbox (Helpdesk).
  • Fixed: Duplicate record in history for empty attribute values ​​(All).

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