Changes for statlook 11.4.1


Aktualizacja: 28.08.2017


New features 11.4.1

Statlook Web

  • Saving widgets in sequences


Modifications 11.4.1

Statlook Web

  • No session timeout limit for statlook Web
  • Managing virtual directories in IIS.
  • Optimized opening of employee cards – “Activity” tab
  • Optimized generation of used application report
  • Optimizing equipment/personnel tree for a big number of defined groups
  • Adding an e-mail validator in “Subscribers” field on an incident card


  • E-mail notifications include the information about a type of change (“Reported a new incident”,
    “Added a new comment” etc.)
  • E-mail notifications – better comment previews
  • Modifying e-mail notifications concerning changes in reports – ‘REPLY-TO’ field


Adjustments 11.4.1

Statlook Web

  • Solved: errpr during launching the application (white screen) in Internet Explorer
  • Solved: invalid incident description saving (quick add) – the description was saved as a plain text, not as html
  • Solved: Invalid re-directing for ‘Welcome’ view ’.



  • Solved: A secod notification about upcoming due date was not working.
  • Solved: Saving a picture that contained a colour palette resulted in an exception: “There appeared an error in GDI+ interface”.
  • Solved: Sending a notification in helpdesk resulted in an exception: “There appeared a generic error in GDI+ interface”.



  • A code that restores foreign keys in transtaltion charts (ML) was added.

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