Changes for statlook 12.0.4


Aktualizacja: 20.02.2018

New features for12.0.4



  • Changing a license type for a chosen license group


Modifications 12.0.4


  • Optimizing the downloading of notification list.
  • Incident editor – sorting notifications by types.



  • Changing the size of window containing pattern management

Adjustments 12.0.4


  • Solved: ‘The key was not available in the dictionary’ error that appeared during editing license record
  • Solved: an error that caused lack of conversion of an attribute; type – a file added as an attachment to a record in new Licenses module


  • Solved: ‘Cannot convert database to schema 4.9 because software patterns set contains incompatibile records’
  • Solved: ‘Duplicate key value violates unique constraint “IX_spaLicenseTypeML’, which appeard during importing software patterns
  • Solved: an error that caused error during connecting to uplook Sever after creating a backup of databases from a schedule.
  • Solved: an error that caused a user to see notifications in uplook Assistant that were supposed to be restricted.
  • Solved: ‘”IsEditable” column is boolean type, but the value is integer type”, which would appear during initializing a new database.

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