Changelog 17.0.4


Statlook® update released on 24.03.2023



  • Optimization of file processing in the server cache folder (All). [Server]

  • Added: Dark mode (All). [StatlookWeb]

  • Modified: Certificate binding record for Statlook Web with endpoint (All). [Server]

  • Added: Option to establish a connection using a manually entered IP address (DirectPC). [Master]

  • Improvement of date formatting in printed and exported reports (All). [StatlookWeb]



  • Fixed: Error in the procedure granting read access to the private SSL key (All). [Server]

  • Fixed: Inability to edit objects despite granted permissions for a user who belongs to the ‘Employee’ group. (Users, Inventory, Licenses) [StatlookWeb]

  • Fixed: Failure to install the server: ‘InstallStatlookWeb, location c:…\’ (All). [Server]

  • Fixed: Error related to the inability to install Statlook Server if a previous installation ended with an error (All). [Server]

  • Fixed: No data in the ‘Date added’ column of the attachment (Helpdesk). [Master]

  • Fixed: No option to comment on issues(Helpdesk). [Master]

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